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Alternative Treatment for Cancer (English)

Alternative Treatment for Cancer (English)
  • PublishedMarch 30, 2024
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Alternative Treatment for Cancer

  1. Those who cannot undergo chemo or radiation due to age factor or for any other reason.
  2. Those who are returned back by the doctor saying that there is no more hope.
  3. Those who want to take Ayurveda along with Allopathy
  4. 4.Those who have faith in Ayurveda and want to root out diseases.
  5. Who is afraid of chemo, radiation or surgery or wants to avoid its side effects.
  6. Those who have tried Ayurveda or Homeopathy elsewhere but did not get any benefit.
  7. Those who have been cured by Allopathy or Chemo but do not want Disease Recurrence.
  8. Those who have recent detected or who are upset after taking Chemo.
  9. Those who want to take preventive measures so that the disease will not occur again.
  10. Patients who do not want to waste time and money by going to the hospital frequently.

Don’t have to leave work and go to hospital frequently.

2) Access to treatment at home through medication and home remedies

3) Immunity power will increase and no side effects.

4) Don’t be afraid to see other patients in the hospital.

5) Will get positive attitude after seeing the result of previous patients.

6) Once cured, there will be no second outbreak.

7) Further Consulting facility by sending report on what’s app.

8) Free follow-up consultation over telephone

9) Delivery of medicines by courier, Speed post or bus.

10) In some cases it will run without bringing the patient.

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