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7 Wonder Water Bottle Demo Prife

7 Wonder Water Bottle Demo Prife
  • PublishedFebruary 25, 2024
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7 Wonder Water Bottle Demo

For first time use, cleanse the bottle with water at least
3 times to rinse off natural minerals. Compatible with
purified water and mild alkaline water.

Room Temperature Water: Pour directly into the
bottle and leave for 3 minutes for dissolved
hydrogen water to be generated.

For Warm Water: Pour half bottle of hot water and
leave for 1 minute for dissolved hydrogen water to
be generated. Then, pour room temperature water
to fill it up and leave for another 2 minutes.

Hot Purified Water: Please do not over-tighten the
bottle cap while using hot water in order to avoid
high air pressure.

When Making Hot Tea: Basic ingredients eg.
Green Tea, Pu-Er, Floral Petals, Goki, Red Dates.
Avoid acidic-based ingredients.

Before Sleep: Dispose any liquid in the bottle to
prevent auto generation of hydrogen or place the
bottle upside down.

  • The CoreMinerals usually lasts for 90 days based
    on 2 litres of daily consumption with 350ml of
    purified water on each filling.
  • The water from 7Wonders is a non-electrolytic
    water product and it is preferable to be consumed
    instantly. If unused, place the bottle upside down.
    Hydrogen level may last for a maximum of 2
    hours once removed from the bottle.
  • Please do not place the bottle at any
    high-temperature area for long hours if it contains
    liquid, e.g., inside the vehicle.
  • Kindly cleanse well the glass funnel, core and
    rubber ring during replacement of the
    CoreMinerals to prevent leaking.
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